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Emerge Solo Piano Music


Learning to be fully oneself and to ultimately trust one’s individual creative voice takes both time and courage. This album is, in essence, a roadmap of my journey in learning to do just that… It’s been one of finding my own authentic voice and finally honoring that inner creative spark which seeks its own expression through music, through me.

Thank you for listening. I hope that you enjoy it.

Kirsten Liana path

“...The title track is reflective, graceful and somewhat mysterious - a compelling combination! “Awakening to Love” expresses the warmth and soul-stirring of new love. Deep emotions run through the piece and make it one of my favorites...”

Kathy Parsons ~



My mother Gloria was a pianist, and with her encouragement I began my study of piano at age 7. Soon after, my interest in composing began around the age of 8. My first composition was inspired by Beethoven’s, Für Elise — my favorite piece at the time.

“Kirsten’s soulful, velvet touch on the piano keys creates a wonderful kind of piano magic... the music is gentle yet very expressive - soothing and melodic, but complex enough to reveal new things each time you listen.”

Kathy Parsons ~

Emerge CD

Purchase physical CD of Kirsten Liana's debut album Emerge directly from her online store.

Emerge CD Solo Piano Music

Digital Album

Purchase digital album of Kirsten Liana's Emerge and download music directly from her online store.

Emerge Solo Piano Music

Sheet Music

Learn to play songs composed by Kirsten Liana from her Emerge CD.