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About Kirsten Liana Solo Pianist


My mother Gloria was a pianist, and with her encouragement I began my study of piano at age 7. Soon after, my interest in composing began around the age of 8. My first composition was inspired by Beethoven’s, Für Elise — my favorite piece at the time. However, it wasn’t until my teen years, after stepping away from music for a while, that my love for piano and composing was truly discovered.

After college I initially started down the corporate path, but quickly realized that it was not very creatively fulfilling. So I changed course and began utilizing my other degree (music) after moving to Southwest Florida where I started my own piano studio. I discovered that I absolutely loved teaching piano. Watching my students, who initially knew nothing about music, develop into remarkable pianists was incredibly rewarding. Over the span of 20 years, I have taught hundreds of pianists of all ages.

Throughout my life I would compose pieces, but I typically wouldn’t share them with anyone except close friends and family. That changed when I had the opportunity to compose music to accompany poetry readings. After performances people would ask if I had any recordings of my music available and then suggest that I should.

I have always turned to music and composition as a creative outlet and means of expression. Only recently have I found the courage to share my music with others. Something has finally shifted and now it feels essential that I share my musical journey in order to feel complete in my life and within myself.

I finally realize that my ability to write music is a gift – one I need to nurture, trust and honor. The result is my debut album, Emerge.

Emerge is a collection of pieces that I’ve composed over the span of my adult life. Each piece tells a story and is a reflection of a different time and place along my life’s path — snippets from my journey and experiences.

I hope you enjoy them, and I sincerely thank you for listening.